Join in the Ogunquit Spirit of Giving 2018

Join in the Ogunquit Spirit of Giving 2018

The gift of giving has been shown to have many great benefits, not only for those who receive but also for those who spread their generosity. That's why we're so excited to announce 2018's Ogunquit 'Spirit of Giving' Christmas Gift Collection Party. This fun and the heart-centered event has been taking place in Ogunquit since 2005 when compassionate community members came together with their family and friends to sponsor deserving kids in the Adoptive & Foster Families of Maine program. From its start serving 80 children, it has now grown to include 600+ children who enjoy a festive holiday of receiving thanks to this supportive event.

How Does It Work?

The whole process is fun and easy: you simply sign up online and you'll be sent a Christmas Wish List for each child that you "adopt". Team members will begin assigning kids to their sponsors after November 1st. Once you receive your match, you can pick a few items to gift that total about $50. You can keep them unwrapped so that family members know which items their children will be receiving, and include gift-wrap or holiday bags alongside the bagged presents if you'd like. Feel free to send a nice holiday message along with your package!

Each list sent to you includes your "adopted" child's name, ID number, and a corresponding color that indicates where they live in the state. Once you label your bag with this information, you're ready to stop in for the fun gift-giving celebration. Sponsors will gather together on December 2nd from 4-6 p.m. at MaineStreet nightclub, where participants can enjoy some great company at 'Ogunquit's Premier Christmas Party'. The event features a cash bar, light fare, fabulous decorations, and the chance to see the community's giving spirit that's highlighted by the piles and piles of presents heaped under the twinkling trees. This year's goal is to match 2017's "adoption list" of 600 children.

Who Receives Gifts?

Families who are involved with two incredible organizations receive your Spirit of Giving gifts, and they use them to create a magical day for their children. Take a look at who benefits from your generosity.

The Adoptive & Foster Families of Maine

This amazing organization provides training and resources to adoptive and foster families throughout the state, including mentoring, liaison services, a lending library, and clothing and household items. Your gifts benefit their innovative Kinship Program, which is for kids who are raised by relatives such as grandparents, aunts, and uncles. Many of these family members are on fixed incomes, and most don't receive any reimbursement for care. Your gifts help relieve the stress of budgeting for holiday gift buying and allow them to keep up with basic bills like heat, water, and electricity during the holiday season.

The Frannie Peabody Center

The newer of the two programs that the Spirit of Giving collaborates with has been the leader in supporting and educating those with AIDS and HIV in the state since 1985. Founded as 'The AIDS Project' by then 80-year old Frannie Peabody, whose grandson was diagnosed with AIDS, the organization has since expanded and now leads the charge for AIDS advocacy and awareness. It's many supportive services include peer education groups, housing assistance, HIV Case Management services, legislative testimony, and mental health counseling. Many of the families that the organization serves are below the Federal Poverty Line, and your holiday gifts helps them maintain their health stability services and add to their kids' Christmas joy.

Contact us  today if you'd like to learn more about this year's Ogunquit Spirit of Giving, or to find out about volunteering at December's Christmas Gift Collection Party.