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Ogunquit Main Beach

Ogunquit Beach runs almost the entire length of a peninsula between the Ogunquit River and the Atlantic Ocean. At the southern-most tip of the peninsula is Ogunquit’s Main Beach.

North Beach

North Beach, also known as Moody Beach, can be accessed either by walking north on Ogunquit Beach itself or by driving through Wells. To get there by car, drive north on Route 1 (Main Street) into Wells. At the first stoplight, turn right onto Bourne

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14 June, 2019
The Marginal Way Is Anything But Marginal

The Marginal Way won't be a marginal experience if you include it in your trip to Ogunquit. The 1.25 mile walkway runs along the coast, or the margin, and it's beautiful. Most of that beauty is natural and a lot of it is because it is so beloved that there is a non-profit organization dedicated entirely to preservi...

25 June, 2019
Finding Swimwear For Your Gaycation

Swimwear: a cause of major stress and excitement for many, especially those of us in the LGBTQ community. Before coming out, it was a simple choice: bikini or one-piece for women, board shorts or Speedo for men. Now that gender and sexual identity have come into play, it's imperative that your swimwear choices match y...

12 June, 2019
Ogunquit, Maine: Vacation Fun and Follies

Once upon a time and long ago, there lived men and women who were not welcomed among the people. They were thought to be different and strange and, heavens to Betsy! Let them find someplace else to vacation! Well, time moved on, as time has a way of doing. Humankind evolved as it became necessary to do so. Through ...